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Jim Rohn

Aerospace Engineering: Natural Gas Powered Aircraft

Jwahir Enterprises Inc. and JWA Aerospace LLC has accumulated over 20 years of experience in the field of aviation and space technology.  Historically, we have provided flight test engineering services specializing in aerodynamics, program management, and quality assurance assessments for the federal government.

 Adding markets for the large supply of domestic natural gas is critical to increasing America’s energy security and future economic stability. The natural gas market is very promising in aviation because natural gas is 50% cheaper than jet fuel and “greener” across all air quality metrics (20%-90% improvement).  98% of the US natural gas is supplied domestically and total US demand would only increase by 7% if all US aircraft used only natural gas.

JWA Aerospace LLC  is proposing research into transformational technology that would make natural gas aircraft affordable by reducing acquisition costs and infrastructure costs.  Our concept along with our partner, Savion Aerospace Inc., was proven during the course of competition in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Energy Initiative (MITEI).  This technology is ready to head into a R&D effort to incorporate our fuel system into a designed aircraft to prove its efficiency and affordability in the business jet market.  This technology consists of a design for an airframe w/ fuel system that can be retrofitted to much larger aircraft as well as smaller ground vehicles.  We seek to turn the design constraints of using lower density LNG into advantages by flying at high speeds and longer ranges where the lower weight of LNG improves efficiency.

Our main research objectives will be to find the best system configuration, tank shape, and manufacturing techniques to achieve a sufficiently low weight aircraft integration and simultaneous operation with jet fuel for redundancy.  Also our objectives are to obtain the rights to distribute natural gas for ground transportation vehicles that are currently in operation and seek to do research studies on creating an efficient infrastructure to properly distribute natural gas both compressed and liquid forms for the mass ground transportation to include LNG operated cars and trucks.

Finally, JWA Aerospace LLC has provided oversight for all facets of the creation and execution of  flight testing initiatives for experimental aircraft projects in accordance with the Federal Aviation Regulations Part 23 standards for the top aerospace companies in the industry. This resulted in achieving and exceeding record timing and efficiency in executing projects from initial concept to critical design review to modifications, operational testing, and pilot operational handbook creation for the Federal Aviation Administration approval. 
We also have hands on experience with space environmental testing of spacecraft units in preparation for launch.  These tests included shock testing, thermal vacuum testing, vibrational testing, and after launch initial operations testing. We provided oversight in resolving a major procurement and technical design problem for a critical government asset three months prior to its initial operational capabilities test date.  Our background covers the complete federal government acquisition cycle which include Concepts Studies, Requirements Specifications, Research and Development, Flight Testing, Production, and Logistics.

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