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Energy Management Services

Jwahir Enterprises stands ready to deliver technical facility solutions to help businesses, institutions, and agencies save on their overall energy and facility operations costs. Our goal is to meet your requirements – regardless what those needs may be or what issues your facilities face on a daily basis. Our technology platforms are designed to diagnose any problems in your buildings, particularly military bases, university campuses, corporate campuses, or multi-facility multi-state units.  By constantly promoting renewable energy research technologies and LEED certifications,  Jwahir builds value for our clients by reducing operating costs and increasing energy use efficiency by implementing strategies keeping our customers’ properties safe, clean, and comfortable through individual or integrated solutions.  


We provide energy and facility solutions to include:

  • Building Maintenance and Repair:  Mobile and Onsite 
  • Electrical and Lighting – proactive maintenance plan and service reducing waste and broader use of LED lighting. 
  • HVAC and Mechanical Repair - provide a wide range of mobile HVAC services and solutions including building design, equipment retrofits and replacements including chiller service, commissioning and re-commissioning, proactive and preventive maintenance, controls, energy audits, measurement and verification, and energy management 
  • Comprehensive sustainability and green solutions designed to help clients attain LEED and Energy Star certification, lower energy usage and utility bills, and reduce carbon emissions. 
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